What is the strategy of the Trinamool to defeat the BJP?

What is the strategy of the Trinamool to defeat the BJP?

Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee went on a three-day visit to Goa.

He reached the state on Tuesday. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

Assembly elections are ahead. His visit is thought to have been preceded by a tour of tactics.

Abhishek is scheduled to hold several programs and meetings on Wednesday. He went to the Rudreshwar temple in Sanklelim around 11 am. He is scheduled to visit a monastery in Kankona around 5 pm.

In Goa, polling day has not been announced yet. But the Trinamool has started preparing vigorously for the fight. Abhishek’s visit is being considered to see how the party will move in the upcoming elections.

Apart from visiting temples and monasteries, Abhishek can also hold several group meetings.

This time the Trinamool wants to move Goa through the eyes of a bird. So many of the team’s top leaders are based there. Mamata visited Goa this month. He raised the issue of removing BJP from a public meeting in Panjim.

The real alternative in Goa is the grassroots, only the grassroots can defeat the BJP. The Trinamool leader also gave this message.

Earlier, returning from a visit to Goa, Abhishek had said that the Trinamool would come to power in Goa. Otherwise it will be the main opposition force. Nothing will happen in the middle of it.

Therefore, the political circles think that this visit of the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool before the vote is much more significant.

After 20 days in India, the daily infection of corona is again 9,000. In the last 24 hours, 9,195 people have been infected in the country.

The number of victims in India on Tuesday was 6,356. The country’s daily attacks on Wednesday were 44 percent higher than on Tuesday. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

In this situation, the number of people infected with Omicron is increasing. As a result, the number of infected people has increased in Maharashtra and Delhi. According to the statistics of the Union Ministry of Health, the total number of infected people in India is 3 crore 46 lakh 6 thousand 7.

So far 61 people have been infected with Omicron in India. Of these, 238 are in Delhi. In Maharashtra, 18 people have been infected with Omicron.

These two states have the highest number of Omicron infections. In addition, the daily infection in these two states has increased a lot compared to the last few weeks. The daily attack in Delhi has reached close to 500. In Maharashtra too it has crossed two thousand.

Apart from Delhi and Maharashtra, Gujarat (63), Kerala (65), Telangana (62), Rajasthan (46), Karnataka (34) and Tamil Nadu (34) have significant numbers of omicron infections.

So far 11 people have been infected with Omicron in West Bengal. One of them has recovered. Out of 61 people infected with Omicron in the country, 241 have recovered.

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