This time Tiktak and Pubji are banned in Afghanistan

This time Tiktak and Pubji are banned in Afghanistan

International Desk: Movies, songs, television series have all been banned before. This time, the Taliban government of Afghanistan has banned apps like TickTock and Pubji on mobile phones. They claim that such apps are misleading the youth of the country.

After coming to power in Kabul in August last year, the Taliban government has cracked down on one entertainment after another. Their cabinet on Thursday decided to ban the two apps. According to news agency sources, the Ministry of Telecom has stated that no ‘immoral thing’ can be promoted in the name of entertainment. However, during the Taliban era, nothing but news and religious issues were shown on television.

There are also various restrictions on the use of the Internet. In this country of 36 million, only 90 million people use the Internet. Social media like Facebook is popular here. However, only 4 million people use Facebook. A recent international survey found that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has the highest number of people in distress. The company has been conducting the survey since 2005. The survey is based on various factors such as quality of life, financial status, services.

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