Russia has warned the US of the risk of direct military conflict

Russia has warned the US of the risk of direct military conflict

Washington’s recent announcement to send more weapons to Ukraine has raised the risk of direct military conflict between Russia and the United States, Moscow has warned. Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said Washington’s announcement was a threat of immediate attack on Moscow.

Before the Russian ambassador issued such a warning, the United States announced that another $62.5 million in defense aid would be sent to Ukraine. The US has been arming Kiev since the start of the Ukraine war. Much of the success Ukraine claims against Russian forces is due to US advanced weaponry.

Among the weapons announced by the US to be sent to Ukraine are four Himmers. The Himars is a long-range missile launch system capable of hitting specific targets. Some military analysts believe that the US weapon is a symbol of the weakness of Russian forces in the ongoing war.

The United States has announced to give $1,700 million worth of weapons to Kiev after Russian forces attacked Ukraine on February 24 at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kiev received most of the military aid promised by Washington. The rest are being sent to Ukraine.

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