Imran reminds us of Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah

Imran reminds us of Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah

Imran Khan, who lost his prime ministership in a no-confidence vote in parliament, is talking about a foreign conspiracy. His allegations are reminiscent of Tipu Sultan and Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah, two figures in the history of the subcontinent. They were both patriots. He fought against Western conspiracies till the end of his life. If Imran Khan can’t get around quickly in politics, many may start comparing him to Tipu Sultan or Siraj.

Imran Khan has been ousted on charges of creating economic woes in the country and violating the constitution. At one point he was able to crack down on political opponents quite harshly. It was then thought that it would be difficult for Imran Khan’s opponents to turn around. But in reality the opposite has happened. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. He has been thrown out of the center of power.

Imran Khan did not leave a touch of reform in any sector of the country. However, before coming to power, he announced to rid the country of corruption. In fact, during his tenure, the power of the three pillars of the state – the law, the judiciary and the executive – has been greatly diminished. So the next prime minister of Pakistan after Imran Khan will have to face many more challenges. Especially in the economic field.

Imran reminds us of Nawab Siraj ud

Imran came to power with the slogan of change. But during his tenure Pakistan’s economy was not in a very good condition. The economic mismanagement of the Imran government has made millions of Pakistanis poor. In the year 2017 when Imran came to power, the total domestic production of Pakistan was 31.5 billion dollars. In 2022, it has come down to 29.2 billion dollars. At that time, as promised by Imran, Pakistan did not become Norway or Denmark. On the contrary, the per capita GDP of Pakistanis is lower than that of Bangladeshis.

Imran announced the start of the war against corruption. He also promised to ensure transparency and accountability in governance. In 2016, Pakistan was ranked 140th out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s global list of corrupt countries. The country’s position in the latest list is 124. In this case, Imran Khan was walking on the path of change, albeit slowly. How did this happen to him? To find the answer to that question, one has to look at Imran Khan’s political rise and journey.


1992 was one of the best years of Imran Khan’s life. The Pakistan cricket team led by Imran, who has reached the age of 40, won the World Cup. Imran’s immense popularity at home and abroad. He retired from the game after winning the World Cup. At that time, a new chapter in his life began. That is – involvement in political activities. The dream was to one day become the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

After winning the World Cup, Imran Khan used his popularity to form a fund. The purpose was to build a cancer hospital in his mother’s name. Earlier, in 1975, his mother Shawkat Khanam died of cancer. Millions of people donated to his fund. Nawaz Sharif was the Chief Minister of Punjab at that time. Nawaz later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He provided huge support and funding to start Imran’s cancer hospital. The hospital was opened in 1994.

At that time many people started calling Imran Khan an ‘old tiger’. Because he has already left the game due to age. Gradually bringing change in the life of the individual. Imran had a ‘playboy’ image of European ideology in his playing life. But Imran, who was born into a Muslim family after entering politics, wanted to completely change that image of a few decades ago.

Imran believed that modern education had helped him understand the development process in the West. According to him, he is looking for a way to bring change in Pakistan. Imran started writing in the media to spread his attitude among the common people. It was then that the people of Pakistan realized that Imran was starting politics with an ambition to go to the center of power.

The time is late 1994. When Imran announces the formation of a political party, his supporters are waiting. At this time Imran formed an alliance with General Hamid Gul and Mohammad Ali Durrani. Hamid Gul is a former head of Pakistan’s military intelligence ISI. And Ali Durrani was the head of Pasban, the young wing of Jamaat-e-Islam. Both had good relations with the Afghan jihadists.

However, this alliance before forming a political party has plagued Imran for almost three decades. There is a rumor circulating in his name in the country and abroad that the Pak army has friendship with Imran. Even before he came to power, it was rumored that Imran Khan would become the Prime Minister with the help of the army. He will be the head of the ‘puppet government’. The real power will be in the hands of the army behind the scenes. Imran himself later admitted this in various interviews.

However, at that time Imran understood that in order to bring real change, the mentality of Pakistanis had to change. The influence of the elite, especially those enjoying power, must be reduced. So he has tried to make the middle class aware of politics. The state has tried to include the middle class in various matters.
In 1995, Imran’s personal life underwent a major change. He married Jemima Goldsmith. Jemima, 22, is the daughter of a British millionaire. The next year comes the desired announcement. Imran formed a political party. Named Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The dream of building a ‘new Pakistan’ has
been shattered since 2013. Later, Imran Khan stuck all the problems of Pakistan in the single tagline ‘Corruption’.

He formally announced the beginning of a ‘crusade’ against corruption. The country’s media also sided with him in this fight. It is said that Imran’s ‘New Pakistan’ will be morally similar to Medina and the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark) in terms of development. It is further said that if there is a competent and corruption free leader in the center of power, then the whole administrative system will be free from corruption. Extensive development activities will be conducted in the country.

But the desired development did not take place during Imran’s tenure. Change has not come. On the contrary, people around Imran have been accused of corruption at various times. Imran did not take effective action against all this. Pakistan has not even made the desired improvement in the global index of Transparency International. The country’s economy also began to decline. Imran Khan had to go to Saudi Arabia and China to save Pakistan. The economic crisis became the main weapon of the opposition against Imran.

Opposition groups called for a no-confidence motion against Imran in parliament. However, after raising the proposal, Imran Khan brought up a new allegation. He began to say that not only the domestic opponents, but also foreigners were trying to overthrow him. Especially the United States. Pakistan’s politics has faced many conspiracy theories before. However, this is a completely new allegation.

Imran Khan wanted to protect the mattress by bringing this allegation to the fore. But in the end he could not succeed. The role of the country’s Supreme Court was paramount behind this. He had to bid farewell after losing the midnight no-confidence vote in Parliament.

However, Imran still has a chance to return. Although no early elections have been held, general elections will be held in Pakistan next year. If the people want, he can win the election and come back to power. Such incidents have happened before in the history of Pakistan. Otherwise, in the eyes of many, Imran Khan will become a person like Tipu Sultan or Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah.

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