I think myself a little bit intelligent: Shakib

I think myself a little bit intelligent: Shakib

As a child, Shakib’s sister used to say, wherever Shakib touches, gold is produced. One of them reminded this at the press conference. He also wanted to know the reason for writing the names of gold traders in the register. Shakib did not leave the opportunity to do mischief with the journalists. Said, ‘Did you say that? Where I have never heard (laughs). But I hope that gold will yield gold. Because the price of everything in the world increases or decreases. But if you look at the record of the last 100 years, the price of gold has never dropped. Safe investment. ‘

Shakib, chairman of Reliable Commodity Exchange Company, said that these gold bars were brought from Switzerland. Gold bars or biscuits can be bought from one gram to one hundred grams. The current market price of one gram gold bar is 6,065 rupees. As a result, the gold bar remained within the reach of not only the upper class and upper middle class, but also the middle class. Anyone who earns Rs 50,000 a month can also buy a gold bar if he wants. Reliable Commodities and Curious claims that the gold bars are 99.99 percent pure. Shakib’s company will only import gold bars. This gold bar is currently available at Curia’s Banani outlet. If the demand of buyers increases, so will the outlets.

But why would people buy gold bars? This all-rounder Marlene Boundary also answers this question. Said, ‘Gold bar is the best as a gift. If you give something else, the person you are giving it to may not like it. If he is given a gold bar, he can make jewelry as per his need and desire. Whoever gives the gift, I am sure he will be happy. Second, you can buy and keep gold bars. If the price goes up, sell it again. So buying gold bars as a buyer is a safe investment. Third, gold usually goes down after melting gold jewelry. Not much is available. But if you go to any country in the world with a gold bar, you will get the purchase price or the fair price of gold at that time.

Besides playing, Shakib has made business investment a ‘good timepass’ for leisure, which is also financial! It has been heard for a long time that after restaurant, share market, power plant, cosmetics, travel agency, hotel, event management, e-commerce, Shakib will start gold business. The journey officially started on Friday.

How did the thought of investing in this sector come to mind, let’s hear it from Shakib’s mouth, ‘Rashek Bhai (Sakib’s gold business partner Rashek Rahman) was talking about various issues and various types of business. So suddenly this matter comes before us. The government was giving some licenses at that time. Then we try to figure out how to get the license. Alhamdulillah, we got it. ‘

Sports, family, fitness, business — how to handle so much? When asked, he said, ‘There is a lot of time outside of playing cricket. Any intelligent person will try to achieve success by doing something else at that time. And I think I’m a little bit intelligent. But yes, cricket has always been my number one priority. I do this in my spare time outside of the game. But I don’t have to do any office for this. You have to attend one or two such press conferences. The rest is taken care of by others. So you don’t have to spend too much time. ‘

Shakib himself never bought a gold bar even though he got into the gold bar business. Asked if there was any Eid shopping, he said, ‘Eid shopping is never done separately. I get a lot of Punjabi gifts. From there, on Eid day, choose the one you like. ‘ Shakib was in a very cheerful mood. Earlier, the organizers had said earlier, “There is no question about cricket.” However, the topic of cricket revolved around. He did not disappoint the journalist who broke the rules. He also gave that answer with patience.

As soon as he spoke, he came forward during Iftar. Everyone is sitting in front of the Iftar plate. Silence has been suppressed even in the crowd of incoming journalists. The last five minutes don’t seem to end. Meanwhile, no one has slept. As soon as a man went to fetch water, a saleswoman broke her silence and said, ‘Azan has not come yet. I talked to my mother at home. I’m on the line. I will hear it only if it is called. ‘ On hearing this, Shakib jokingly said to himself, ‘By any chance, isn’t your mother’s house Lalmonirhat?’ As soon as he spoke, the call of Maghrib came.

Shakib, the middle man of the event, got up first with the face of Iftar.

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