Even if you don’t, there is no exemption from work

Even if you don’t, there is no exemption from work

Health workers have to work in Quebec, Canada’s second most populous province, after being infected with the coronavirus. The health minister, Christian Dub, said on Tuesday that there was a shortage of staff at the health centers. Some workers have been told to continue working despite being hit by a corona for emergencies. Apart from this, they have no other choice. News Reuters.

Infection with a new type of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the province of Quebec. A record number of 12,733 corona were identified there yesterday local time.

Health Minister Dube told reporters at a briefing that amicron is transmitted very quickly. For this reason, many workers affected by amicron have to be stopped from work. And in doing so, the health centers are struggling with staff crisis.

Health Minister Dub added that due to the importance of this, a certain number of workers have been asked to continue their work even if they are affected by corona. From January 4, everyone over the age of 18 will be given a corona booster dose.

At the urging of international aid agencies, Indonesian authorities on Wednesday agreed to allow floating Rohingya to flock to shore. News Reuters.

Earlier in the day, officials in Indonesia’s Aceh province said they would provide food, water and medicine to 120 Rohingya on board. However, they will not be accepted as refugees on international request.

The Indonesian government will provide shelter to Rohingya refugees in a boat currently floating near Beirun district in Aceh province for the sake of humanity, Indonesian security ministry official Armed Weizaya said in a statement on Wednesday. The decision was made in view of the urgency of the situation facing the refugees on board. Most of the passengers on the boat are women and children.

On Wednesday, two fishermen said the boat, which was stranded off the coast, could sink in a few days. The boat has leaks in two places. Water has also entered there.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International have called on Indonesia to grant asylum to the Rohingya.

A group of women marched in the Afghan capital, Kabul. This information was given in the online report of Al-Jazeera television.

The demonstration took place in Kabul on Tuesday, demanding respect for the rights of Afghan women.

At the same time, protesters accused the Taliban of secretly killing soldiers working for the US-backed Ashraf Ghani government.

Around 30 women gathered near a mosque in the heart of Kabul yesterday and began a protest march, AFP reported.

The protesting women chanted slogans like ‘I want justice, I want justice’. The procession was stopped by Taliban forces a few hundred meters away.

The Taliban also prevented journalists from covering the procession.

People were invited to join the procession through social media.

According to information provided by the organizers on social media, the country’s youth, especially former Afghan soldiers, are being mysteriously killed. Women marched in protest of the killings.

“I want to tell the world to stop killing the Taliban,” said Naira Kohistani, one of the protesters. We want freedom. We want justice. We want human rights. Women’s rights mean human rights. We must protect the rights.

The Taliban detained a group of journalists during a protest rally. Later, however, they were released.

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