Elon Musk will rein in the salaries of Twitter managers

Elon Musk will rein in the salaries of Twitter managers

Before buying Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk had a new plan for the social media’s revenue and expenditure. According to the plan, the salaries of the top officials of the company may be cut to reduce the expenses. At the same time, the issue of increasing income from tweets in a new way has also come up.
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Reuters quoted three people as saying that on April 14, Musk offered to buy the social media. Shortly afterwards, he outlined the plan to those banks that had agreed to lend money to buy Twitter.

At a meeting last Monday, the company’s board of directors made the final decision to sell Twitter to Elon Musk. They decided to sell the company for হাজার 4.4 billion. Earlier, Musk offered মালিক 4.3 billion to acquire full ownership of Twitter.

Speaking to banks about increasing Twitter’s revenue, Musk said he was thinking of new ways to earn money from social media content that contains important information and goes viral. One of them is that if a tweet is embedded in a website from a verified account of a person or organization, that website has to pay for it.

Meanwhile, Musk recently tweeted about the pay cuts of Twitter’s board members. There, he said, the move would save the company ৩০ 3 million. He also tweeted about the changes to the Twitter Blue service earlier this month. However, the tweet was later deleted.

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