Elon Musk wants to buy Coca-Cola!

Elon Musk wants to buy Coca-Cola!

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has expressed interest in buying Coca-Cola after Twitter. Not only did Musk say he would buy the company, but he would also bring back Coca-Cola’s old formula. And cocaine will be mixed with coke in that formula! Less than a week later, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, bought a 100 percent stake in Twitter for 44 billion. Musk’s new tweet has caused a stir through social media without ending the noise. At the moment, the name of Coca-Cola has come up in the trending topic of Twitter.

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Within just two hours of posting about Coca-Cola, it received 1 million likes, 200,000 re-tweets and 69,000 quotes! While Musk’s tweet may sound humorous, Social media users are not sure about this. Because in 2016, Musk wanted to buy Twitter just for fun. He also asked the price of Twitter that day. Exactly 5 years later, the 50-year-old billionaire has really bought the company! Meanwhile, according to Musk’s agreement with Twitter, Musk will not be able to write anything insulting about Twitter. However, as the world’s richest man, he has commented on various issues, so all the other doors of discussion are open for him. Elon Musk has recently given a lot of comments on what Twitter should look like.

According to Musk, Twitter should be an area where everyone has freedom of speech and is politically neutral. In terms of security, Musk said Twitter Direct Message (DM) will have end-to-end encryption, So that no one can hack or spy on someone’s private messages. Let’s get back to Coca-Cola. Elon Musk talks about buying Coca-Cola, but Twitter is like a baby’s milk at the market price of a famous company! Coca-Cola currently has a market capitalization of ৮ 264 billion. Musk, on the other hand, has a net worth of ৩ 253 billion. He is far ahead of his nearest rival Jeff Bezos. Bezos has a net worth of ৬ 162 billion.

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