Biden’s 3.3 billion aid package for Ukraine

Biden’s 3.3 billion aid package for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has announced plans to provide a 3.3 billion aid package to Ukraine. Biden announced the plan in a speech on Thursday. News from the BBC

At the time, Biden said the United States was not attacking Russia, but was helping Russia defend itself against Russian aggression.
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Biden’s aid package includes more than 2 trillion in military spending, ৮ 6.5 billion in economic aid and 3 billion in humanitarian aid.

Asking Congress to approve the aid package as soon as possible, Biden said it was important for US lawmakers to approve the package. Because, this aid will be helpful for the defense of Ukraine.

President Biden has asked Congress to approve large sums of money for Ukraine. On the package plan, Biden said it was more than double the amount the United States had already spent on military equipment and humanitarian aid.

At the time, Biden said, “This aid is not cheap. But we have to pay more than that if we allow it to continue.

The United States has provided some assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian aggression. But the new proposed aid package is significantly more than that. Biden said the United States’ military assistance to Ukraine so far has included providing 10 anti-tank weapons for each Russian tank.

The US president wants to show that he is not sitting still, despite vague threats about the possible use of nuclear weapons and warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin about retaliatory strikes against countries intervening in the Ukraine issue.

Biden said in a statement that Russia was “disappointed” that Russia had failed to do what it set out to do. He denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

Meanwhile, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday that Western military support for Ukraine would “threaten the security of the region”.

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