This time Zelensky on the cover of Time magazine

The title of the cover of the magazine is ‘How Zelensky Leeds’. He told Time in an exclusive interview that the world’s attention to Ukraine bothered him as much as he was bothered by Russia’s shelling. “People are watching the war in Ukraine through Instagram and social media,” he said. But when he

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Russia has deployed dolphins in Crimea

Russia has deployed trained dolphins in Crimea as part of a military operation in Ukraine. These dolphins have been deployed at the Sevastopol harbor in Crimea. The United States Naval Institute (USNI). According to USNI, satellite imagery shows that Russia deployed dolphins in Crimea at the beginning of its mission

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Russian warships are scattered across Ukraine

Two months have passed since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. So far, Russia has not been able to bring down the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The government of President Zelensky has not been ousted. On the contrary, with the help of Western allies, Russian forces faced stiff resistance from Ukrainian troops on the

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