Ronaldo wants peace, not war

Ronaldo wants peace, not war

Cristiano Ronaldo also said in an Instagram message that he wants peace, not war. He went one step further and gave the message of a beautiful and livable world for children. Children are the biggest victims of war.

The world is watching every day through photographers of various news agencies to see how horrible the Russian aggression has created for children in Ukraine.
Ronaldo has more than 400 million followers on Instagram. Such a post of Portuguese star is a big message against war. “We need to create a beautiful world for children,” he wrote in an Instagram story. Praying for world peace. I want peace, not war.

Last night, FIFA and UEFA banned Russia from all forms of football. Putin’s country has lost the right to play in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar. Russian clubs will not be able to take part in any club competition in Europe.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Friday called for a ban on Russian athletes and various sports organizations. FIFA first banned the use of the Russian national flag and national anthem in international football. FIFA also banned the game called ‘Russia’.

The move by the world’s top football body was, in their words, a “preliminary step”. That, of course, has been enough to criticize. Later in the night Bangladesh time they announced the decision to exclude Russia from international football.

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