Message of Brazilian Jesus in four goals

Message of Brazilian Jesus in four goals

Even after 32 matches in the Premier League, only 3 goals were scored next to the name of Gabriel Jesus. Manchester City have decided to release him after this season. Despite not having any other striker in the team, Pep Guardiola did not keep him in the XI in many matches. It’s a disgrace for a striker. That irritation Jesus put on Watford today. And Roy Hodgson’s team has been burned to the ground.
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City have won all 11 of their previous 11 matches against Watford. Even today, they will not be able to cope with Pep Guardiola’s team, it was conceivable. But the City supporters themselves may not have thought that they would be burned in the fire of Jesus. City beat Watford 5-1 at the Etihad Stadium. Jesus alone has scored 4 goals. City are 4 points ahead of Liverpool in the title race. Liverpool, however, will have the opportunity to close the gap tomorrow.

Jesus’ last goal was against Liverpool on 10 April. This is only 12 days ago, what else is this. But Jesus had to go last year to find his previous goal. Guardiola lost to Chelsea with his only goal on 25 September. This statistic shows how unconventional Jesus is in the Premier League.

That Jesus opened the scoring today in just 4 minutes. Jesus scored the goal from the far left of the box with a strong pass from left-back Alexander Ginchenko from the left edge of the box. Jesus’ second goal after 19 minutes. The Brazilian forward made headlines when he saw De Bruyne unmarked on a measured cross from the right. Hasan Kamara saved the match by scoring a goal in the 28th minute.

But it seems that Rudra did not like the matter. The Spanish midfielder scored the best goal of the match in the 34th minute. Rodri put Jesus’ extended ball on his chest and wrapped it in a net with a bullet speed shot from about 25 yards away. Watford goalkeeper jumped but did not reach the ball.

Early in the second half, Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster paved the way for Jesus’ hat-trick. City get a penalty if Foster fouls Jesus. Jesus made no mistake in catching the ball from the spot kick. The fourth goal of Jesus in the 53rd minute and the fifth goal of the team gave the signature of Guardiola’s coaching style. From the bottom to the top of the garland of the pass, he climbed up and entered the box one-on-one with De Bruyne and scored the placing goal.

Jesus contributed to City’s five goals. Not only contributing, Jesus had the potential to score five goals. Sergio Aguero of City (2015, against Newcastle) was the last to do so in the English Premier League. But Jesus was not named as the sixth player to do so.

With this victory, City went one step further on the way to the title. Guardiola tops the table with 70 points from 33 matches. Liverpool are in second place with 6 points after playing one match less. Watford in the relegation zone with 22 points.

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