City in discomfort to win, Real in the hope of losing

City in discomfort to win, Real in the hope of losing

Where the stage is in the Champions League semi-final, the match will be so exciting, that’s normal!

It’s not a football match, it’s a ninety minute thriller at the Etihad Stadium. Where the second minute goal, the last goal – it was all. The goal of one of the best midfielders in the world, as it were, was the feat of a pair of goals scored by one of Bivo’s great strikers in Ballon d’Or’s dream. One thrilling match after another saw the death of Panenka penalty keeping his nerves cold. He saw two of the most talented young men in the world take away the light. He saw a player who had become seemingly insignificant scoring a goal and sending a message to the coach, ‘I can too!’

All in all, the match ended in a 4-3 scoreline. With City currently leading the fight with four goals at home, will Real, who have scored three goals in the two-legged battle, be too far behind? Maybe not.

Before the match, there was a discussion about the injured and fragile defense of the two teams. City’s two main fullbacks, Joao Cancello and Kyle Walker, were absent from the match. Right-back John Stones has also been sidelined for two weeks due to injury. Of the three, his condition was relatively good and he was dropped as the rightback. Meanwhile, Alexander Jinchenko, who has been on the bench for most of the season, has been named left-back.

It cannot be said that the condition of Real was too good. From main center-back David Alaba to left-back Farlan Mendi, defensive midfielder Casimiro – everyone is injured. Real coach Ancelotti dropped both of them, even though the other two looked much better than Casimiro. The pairing of the two teams gave the spectators the thrill of seven goals.

City went ahead in two minutes of the match. Alaba and Mendi, who are on the left side of Real’s defense, are not fully fit. Real stars were just as enchanted by the work of Mahrez’s feet. Kevin de Bruyne, one of the best midfielders in the world today, had no choice but to touch Mahrez’s cross.

City is ahead again in the 12th minute of the match. This time the story is about a player giving a message to his coach. Gabriel Jesus has never been the main weapon of Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, at least for the last one-and-a-half seasons. Most of the time the bench was the address of Jesus. A few days ago, the news came that City had informed him that he could leave the club if he wanted. Since then, the rebirth of Jesus!

He scored four goals in the previous match against Watford. This time he showed the coach that he has the ability to score goals against a big team like Real if not a small team like Watford. However, whether or not Jesus’ goal in the last two encounters between the two teams helped City win, Guardiola gave Jesus, who was left out of the match, another chance. He did not use that opportunity in a great way!

After trailing by two goals, Real had to return to the match. And who could be a bigger weapon than Karim Benzema to bring Real back? Real’s left-back Farlan Mendy’s cross from midfield could not be handled properly by City’s alternative left-back Jinchenko. Benzema hurried to the front and reduced the gap with his left foot shot. The first half ended with these three goals.

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