Violett Beane Doesn’t Mind Some Uncomfortable Silence


Adrianne Lenker, I think, is the best songwriter of our time. The way that she tells stories from beginning to end, you just know that she’s opening up and baring herself. I saw them live at the Wiltern in L.A., and she’s rocking out. She’s going full 100 percent. People always talk about how rock is dead, and I’m like, “No, it’s there. It’s in Adrianne Lenker.”


I find color and patterns fascinating. Sometimes I step out of my house and my friends are like, “Violett, what are you wearing?” “I don’t know, but I like it.” When I was younger, my whole house was white wood. It looked like a West Elm catalog, and that made me feel so good at the time. I was like, “Oh, I’m a grown-up. I’m elegant.” And now I’m like, “No, I like this color; I like this thing. I’m going to put it up.” Maybe it doesn’t make sense with this other thing, but it feels like me and it’s honest.


They happen to everybody, and if you try to avoid them, you only create them. A lot of times people are filling conversation with anything because they feel like they have to. But everyone always says that with the people closest to them, you can be quiet, and you don’t feel that you have to say or do anything. So I think awkward pauses are the point right before you get to that place with somebody, when the pause is no longer as awkward.


I was in Oaxaca, and I went to this antique store, and I remember seeing a bunch of doorknobs. I was like, “These are so beautiful.” So I have them scattered around, and I could point to every single one of them and remember where I got it. It’s almost like souvenirs. I don’t go and get a key chain. I’ll go and find a doorknob.


They remind me of growing up. It’s like this marshmallow nougat thing that’s covered in chocolate, and they got thrown in the freezer and turned crunchy. If anybody out there can find them, I’ll send you my address.


He was one of the first artists where I was like, “This version of surrealism feels so right to me.” His version is so clean and simple. It’s like everything has a tiny little message or a secret little hidden thing. For my last music video, for “Half of Me,” I did an entire homage to him and created this cloud world.


I love when a puppy has been sleeping and then you smell their paws. I was in Mexico for a very chill New Year’s Eve and ended up bringing back a street-dog puppy. I am exhausted, but her paws smell so good. They’re warm and have that tired smell, and I’m just like, “Popcorn.”

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