United’s rate after Ronaldo’s hundredth goal

United’s rate after Ronaldo’s hundredth goal

Even today, the gallery is applauded at 7 minutes, as it was three days ago. Liverpool have offered their condolences to Cristiano Ronaldo, who is mourning the death of his newborn son. Today Arsenal also showed respect to the opponent. The match against Liverpool did not stop with the applause that came to the Emirates in seven minutes of the match.

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Before standing next to Ronaldo that day, Liverpool went ahead at home. The hosts doubled the lead 30 minutes before the match. Even today Arsenal did that. There was a fear that Manchester United would fly 4-0 like Anfield. But Ronaldo, who was in the role of spectator that day, was on the field today and also scored a goal. His 100th goal in the English Premier League.

So much so, of course, that the rate gap has narrowed. United lost 3-1. At this rate, United have almost dropped out of the Champions League. Arsenal are now six points ahead of United, who are four after playing less than one match. United have four more matches.

But nothing like that could have happened. If the captain Bruno Hernandez had not missed the opportunity in the 56th minute. Regular captain Harry Maguire received the captain’s armband because he did not hear the bomb threat. But the Portuguese captain failed to take charge of the team. It brings back memories of the Aston Villa match on September 25 at home. Despite having Cristiano Ronaldo by his side, Bruno went to take the added time penalty. Bruno drowned the team that day by hitting a lot on the post.

United were awarded a penalty while the team was still behind. It is not Ronaldo who has already scored a goal, but Bruno Ellen. His shot fooled Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale but went to the post!

So 2-1 was written on the scoreboard. 3 minutes later Ronaldo sent the ball into the net, but the United forward was off side. 3 minutes later, Dalot’s shot hit Ramsdale’s hand and hit the post. The result was matched in 60 minutes. Granit Zacker’s 3-1 goal outside the box has ended United’s chances of winning the match. However, the Red Devils started the second half as the best team.

Earlier, the first half of the match was very enjoyable for the neutral spectators. In the 3rd minute, United’s defense put Arsenal ahead. Bukayo Saka got the ball through the stupidity of Rafael Varane and Alex Teyes. His curved shot was saved by David de Hea, but Nuno Tavares’ shot from the return ball was not returned.

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