UK: Kremlin urges Ukraine to invade Russia

UK: Kremlin urges Ukraine to invade Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the United Kingdom of “inciting” Ukraine to carry out attacks inside Russia.

The British media reported on the BBC.

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Russia’s defense ministry says Britain is “provoking” Ukraine to attack Russia.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that Russia would respond “appropriately” if such incidents occurred.

“The Russian military is ready to launch an attack on Kiev with the right weapons,” the statement said.

Recently, the Minister of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, James Happy, said that an attack inside Russia to disrupt the supply chain was “completely legitimate” for Ukraine.

He added that the Ukrainians would decide where to carry out the attack. Not those who made or supplied weapons. Attacks to destroy weapons and supply systems inside an enemy country are perfectly legal.

Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on 24 February. Shortly afterwards, Moscow announced a change of target. Now Russian forces have stepped up attacks in eastern Ukraine. Earlier, Moscow withdrew troops from Kiev and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, Western countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, are providing massive modern weapons assistance to Ukraine. However, Russia is not taking well to sending these weapons to Kiev. Moscow has threatened to attack the shipment of these weapons.

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