The third draw in a row at home, Barca created a history of shame

The third draw in a row at home, Barca created a history of shame

What has not happened in the 123-year history, this time the Spanish giant Barcelona is facing shame. In the same season, they lost three matches in a row at New Camp.

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This history of shame was created after the 1-0 defeat against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday night. Earlier, they lost 1-0 to Cadiz and 3-2 to German club Frankfurt in the Europa League quarter-finals at home to Nou Camp. At that rate, Barcelona had to say goodbye before reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League.

However, Barca lost four matches in a row. Sometimes Barcelona lost 1-0 to Real Sociedad.

Barcelona scored in the seventh minute of the game against Rayo Vallecano. Barভারa could not repay the only goal of Alvaro Garcia. Throughout the match they failed to organize the attack. As a result, the match ended with their defeat.

In the 90th minute, the referee rejected Gavi’s request for a strong penalty. Apart from this, there was no attempt to score a goal by Bara.

Despite this defeat, Barcelona is still in second place in the La Liga points table. At the end of 33 matches, their points are 63. Sevilla has the same number of points in the same number of matches. However, they are in the third place behind the goal difference.

Barcelona had previously lost three matches in a row at the Nou Camp in 1998. But those three defeats were divided into two seasons. This time the defeats happened in one season.

Rayo Viocano, who is in 11th place, also achieved a glory by winning this match. They have beaten Bar্সa twice this season, in two league matches. Earlier, they had beaten Bar্সa 1-0 at home last October.

With this defeat, Barcelona’s dream of touching the top Real Madrid also came to an end. Winning or drawing with Espanyol next Saturday will ensure Real’s La Liga title.

After the match, Bar্সa coach Xavi said, “I am very angry, very upset and frustrated with him. Today we have a golden opportunity to fill the gap. But the match between Frankfurt and Cadiz was repeated. We can’t be clinical in any way. I think we need to try harder, at least to draw. ”

Garcia took advantage of the opportunity in the seventh minute of the match. As soon as he got the ball in the box, he tapped the ball on the head of goalkeeper Mark Ander Ter Stegan and wrapped the ball in the net of Bar্সa. He immediately looked at the New Camp and celebrated the goal by blowing a whistle.

Barাa had many great opportunities to score goals. Even after the end of the second half, the referee played an extra 14 minutes. Barাa could not score any goal.

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