The Saudi prince is going to Egypt on a regional tour

The Saudi prince is going to Egypt on a regional tour

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is leaving for Egypt on Monday as part of a three-nation tour of the Middle East. He is going to Egypt first as part of a regional tour. MBS will then travel to Jordan and Turkey. A Saudi diplomat said this. News from Al Jazeera.

He said that during the visit, MBS will discuss various regional and international issues and international cooperation with the leaders of the three countries. Apart from this, agreements on investment and energy could also be signed at this time. The talks will also address issues such as dealing with the effects of the Ukraine-Russia war in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in a statement on Friday that the prince would visit Turkey on June 22. This is the first visit to Turkey by a member of the royal family since the brutal assassination of journalist Jamal Khasogi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

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