The Pentagon wants to maintain good relations with Pakistan’s armed forces

The Pentagon wants to maintain good relations with Pakistan’s armed forces

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States had good relations with the Pakistani armed forces. He hopes that the military-to-military relationship will continue in the future. News Dawn

The remarks came two days after Shahbaz Sharif was elected Pakistan’s prime minister by a senior Pentagon official.

Kirby told a news conference on Tuesday that the United States and Pakistan had a common interest in maintaining security and stability in the region.

“We know that Pakistan has an important role to play in that region. We also know that Pakistan and its people have been the target of terrorist attacks in their own country, “said Kirby.

The no-confidence vote brought down the Imran Khan government. Shahbaz Sharif took over as the new Prime Minister. Many have blamed the United States for the shift in power in Pakistan. Imran Khan himself accused the United States of conspiring to remove him. After that, relations between Washington and Islamabad deteriorated. The United States has denied the allegations. However, Kirby declined to comment at a news conference yesterday.
“Understandably, we will not comment on Pakistan’s internal politics,” he told reporters.

After his ouster, Imran Khan called for a “massive protest” on the streets of Pakistan. Kirby was also asked what the role of the United States would be if the Pakistani military intervened there. In reply, he retorted, “I certainly do not want to re-enter Pakistan’s internal politics.”

Earlier, White House Press Secretary Jane Paskey said a democratic Pakistan was important to the United States.


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