The famous floating restaurant in Hong Kong sank

The famous floating restaurant in Hong Kong sank

Hong Kong’s famous floating restaurant has sunk. The jumbo restaurant has been in operation for about 50 years. It sank a few days after being removed from the harbor. News from the BBC.

The parent company, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprise, said the restaurant sank in the South China Sea on its way to an unknown location. However, no sailor was injured in the incident.

The restaurant closed in March 2020 due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The restaurant, which has been in operation for years, is believed to have served more than 3 million guests. Guests include Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Cruise and Richard Branson.

The restaurant is also featured in a few movies, including a Bond movie. But when the dinner service was cut off due to the epidemic, the restaurant suffered a major blow to the business.
The owners said naval engineers were called in to inspect the floating restaurant before it was removed. ‘All sorts of ancillary approvals’ were obtained for the removal of the restaurant.

The ship was supposed to be in an unknown location before being handed over to the new director. The Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprise says the restaurant sank last Sunday near the Paracel Islands in a hostile situation.

The company added that the water depth in the area where the restaurant crashed was more than a thousand meters. As a result, the rescue operation was very difficult.

The epidemic was the ultimate push for the restaurant. It had been in financial trouble for several years. Last month, the restaurant’s management company, Melco International Development, said the restaurant had not been profitable since 2013. Many large sums of money had to be paid.

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