That’s why Argentina doesn’t want to play against Brazil

That’s why Argentina doesn’t want to play against Brazil

The match between Brazil and Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers was canceled in September last year due to a complication related to compliance with Corona restrictions. Uncertainty arose as to whether that match would take place later. However, Argentina has stated that they do not want to play the match.

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However, the world football’s governing body (FIFA) has informed the Argentine Football Association (AFA) that the match will be played next September. However, the venue of the match has not been decided yet.

However, rumors are rife that the match could be played in the 2022 World Cup host country, the United Arab Emirates or Australia, according to Argentine daily TYC Sport.

Argentina says they have already played twice in the World Cup qualifiers. They want to organize themselves in this time before the World Cup. During this period they basically want to play with Europe. They have already talked about many matches.

Health officials in Brazil entered the field last September, accusing four Argentines who played in England of not abiding by the Corona restrictions on their way to Brazil. The two parties are involved in a dispute over this. In the end the match was played but the match was canceled in 7 minutes. At that time there were many strict rules in Corona. After imposing restrictions on entry into England from Brazil, Brazil also imposed restrictions. Source: Argentine media Mundo Albiceleste.

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