Skip Bayless pitches genuinely stupid Aaron Rodgers trade destination

FOX Sports pundit Skip Bayless is upset his Dallas Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs, and wants them to trade for Aaron Rodgers as a result.

Skip Bayless routinely goes viral for his absurd sports takes, especially as it pertains to the Dallas Cowboys. On Sunday night after Dallas lost to the San Francisco 49ers, Bayless posted a video of himself throwing a Dak Prescott jersey into the garbage can.

For better or worse, Dallas is stuck with Prescott, mainly because they signed him to a long-term deal. That contract is lucrative, and Prescott hasn’t played up to it just yet. There’s little the Cowboys can do to increase his value for him.

This makes the idea of trading for another quarterback — especially Aaron Rodgers — ludicrous.

Could the Dallas Cowboys trade for Aaron Rodgers?

Could? Sure, any player could be traded to any team, in theory. Rodgers, however, carries a massive cap hit, and will make nearly $60 million in 2023. Does Jerry Jones really want to take on that sort of commitment?

In order to acquire Rodgers, Dak Prescott would have to go back the other way. It’s about the only scenario in which Rodgers could end up in Dallas. But…why would the Packers want a player like Prescott? They have Jordan Love waiting to take over for Rodgers when the time is right, and Prescott’s contract would hamstring them much like Rodgers’ does.

The one benefit to trading Rodgers is to start anew, and get draft picks to help build around Love, and give him the help he needs to succeed. If Prescott were included in the deal, it would likely limit the amount of draft capital heading back to Green Bay.

All of this makes my head hurt, and it’s another example as to why no Skip Bayless tweet should be taken seriously.

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