Seth Meyers Wants Trump to Stop Complimenting the Taliban

Seth Meyers Wants Trump to Stop Complimenting the Taliban

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Seth Meyers reminded viewers Wednesday just how involved Donald Trump was with the war in Afghanistan, despite the former president insisting he would have handled things differently than President Biden. Meyers said Trump “was going out of his way to compliment the Taliban on their fighting and negotiating skills.”

“You don’t have to give the Taliban credit for anything — they’re the Taliban!” Meyers said.

“Yes, I’m a diva diva pumpkin eater.” — RuPaul

“Face it: pumpkin spice is here to stay. It’s rich, it’s naughty, just like the vocals of Ariana Grande. Oh, uh, but make mine an Ariana Venti, honey, because I can take it.” — RuPaul

“The Other Two” star Molly Shannon told Jimmy Fallon how Nick Jonas convinced her to finally join Instagram.

Michael Shannon will talk about “Nine Perfect Strangers” on Thursday’s “Late Night.”

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