Saudi-Iranian talks in Iraq

Saudi-Iranian talks in Iraq

Iran and Saudi Arabia have resumed talks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, after months of closure. Reuters quoted an Iranian official as saying.

Earlier, the two countries held four more rounds of talks in the Middle East, the report said. The fourth round of talks took place in September last year. Representatives of Iraq and Oman may also attend the fifth round of talks. However, it was not mentioned when the talks would be held.

Saudi-Iranian talks in Iraq

It is expected that the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia, including Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Khadimi, will take part in the fifth round of talks.

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are important to Iraq for regional security. Neighboring Iraq, the two countries share huge borders

Iran is the world’s largest Shiite Muslim country. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is a Sunni Muslim country.

In 2016, Saudi Arabia executed Shiite cleric Nimar al-Nimar, severing ties with Iran. Protesters in Iran stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran in protest.

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