Sarayu Blue Is Pristine on ‘Expats’ but ‘Such a Little Weirdo’ IRL

Sarayu Blue Is Pristine on ‘Expats’ but ‘Such a Little Weirdo’ IRL


I took Bharatanatyam — Indian classical dance — growing up, and my mom often took me to performances. I also took jazz, tap and ballet. Thanks to social media I get to see brilliant dancers and choreographers like Usha Jey, the Sync Ladies and my friend Richa Moorjani dancing all day, every day.


I always say my motto is “good food, good wine, good lighting, good company.” Priya Parker’s book “The Art of Gathering” has such great tips to remind us how to connect. And connection really is everything.


He has my dream job. I mean, acting is my dream job, but taking pictures and playing with dogs all day is a close second. And of course my best dog is our dog, Otis. He’s my whole heart, that one.


At 15, I was in the ensemble of “Pippin,” and I was hooked. This was not some Broadway production — this was high school. But for whatever reason, that was when I knew. Looking back on it, I was just a little tiny baby, but you don’t think you’re a tiny baby at 15. You think you’ve got all the answers. And I was adamant and stubborn, but I really wasn’t very good at anything else.


Small restaurants, especially family-owned, are my jam. If we’re traveling, I love the nooks where you can tell every dish is made with love. One of my all-time favorite joints in L.A. is Daichan. There’s also an awesome Sri Lankan place that my friend Punam Patel turned me on to. It used to be called Baja Subs, and the sign still says that, but inside is a small market, and they serve Sri Lankan food. Their lump rice wrapped in a banana leaf is the stuff dreams are made of.


Growing up, makeup was never a big part of my life. But I sure always loved a bold lip. I remember Revlon made a color called Blackberry, and it was one of the few colors that was dark enough for my pigmented lips. I never left the house without a tube in my pocket.

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