Sabila will fly colorful lanterns again

Sabila will fly colorful lanterns again

Sabila Noor is one of the busiest actresses in TV drama. He is seen in different characters every Eid. Of these, special mention should be made of the drama ‘Rangila Fanus’ which was aired on Channel I last Eid-ul-Azha. After being aired on TV, the drama was aired on CMV YouTube channel. Since then, in the last 10 months, the viewership of the play has been more than 12 million on YouTube. The sequel to the play has been made due to extensive discussion among the audience. ‘Rangila Fanus 2’ will be broadcast on the coming Eid-ul-Azha.

This time too Sabila Nur is the main character of the play.
Sabila’s character in the play is named Rupali. Speaking about her performance in ‘Rangila Fanus 2’, she said, ‘Like the first episode, this is also a feminist and comedy story. Although there is some similarity in the theme of the second installment, the story is different. It has been a fun experience to play this new type of character.

Like the first one, this one was written by Jannatul Ferdous and directed by Shihab Shaheen. The director said, ‘Even though it is called the second installment of the drama, the story is different. This story has only thematic connection with the previous story. Like the previous one, it is also a situational comedy drama. Made with the entertainment of the audience in mind. ‘
Apart from Sabila, Tousif Mahboob, Najiba Bashar and others have also acted in the play.

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