Ryan Seacrest Makes Girlfriend Aubrey Paige ‘Go Dutch’ on Meals: ‘Guards Every Nickle’

Ryan Seacrest Makes Girlfriend Aubrey Paige ‘Go Dutch’ on Meals: ‘Guards Every Nickle’

TV mogul Ryan Seacrest is rich beyond belief — but he’s so incredibly frugal that he makes his model girlfriend Aubrey Paige split the check, say sources exclusively to In Touch.

Ryan, 49, is worth a whopping $450 million thanks to his multiple hosting gigs and producing credits, and he now stands to further bolster his bank account with his upcoming children’s book, The Make-Believers, which he wrote with his sister, Meredith.

“Ryan has more cash to play with than ever, but he’s not sharing his good fortune with his friends, or even his girlfriend!” squeals an insider.

As In Touch previously reported, Seacrest’s cheeseparing is well known among his pals and associates. Meanwhile, brunette beauty Aubrey, 26, has had to live with her parsimonious lover’s penny-pinching since they started dating in 2021.

“He’s the least likely to pick up the check among friends, and he even makes Aubrey pay her own way,” blabs the insider. “Ryan’s rule is they go Dutch. If they’re going away on vacation, there’s always an awkward conversation about her needing to make her own travel arrangements.”

And special occasions apparently warrant no extra outlays! “His presents for birthdays are meager, to say the least,” reveals the insider. “He thinks one of his cooking creations is a gift when Aubrey’s expecting jewelry. “It’s crazy because Ryan’s got more money coming in all the time, but he still feels the need to guard every nickel. People around him think it’s pathetic.”

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