Russian warships are scattered across Ukraine

Russian warships are scattered across Ukraine

Two months have passed since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. So far, Russia has not been able to bring down the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The government of President Zelensky has not been ousted. On the contrary, with the help of Western allies, Russian forces faced stiff resistance from Ukrainian troops on the outskirts of Kiev. This forced them to leave. Russia has announced the successful completion of the first phase of their “special military operation” in Ukraine and the beginning of the second chapter.

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In the second phase, Russian forces insist on occupying the eastern Danvas region of Ukraine. No one can say for sure how long the war will last. However, Reuters reports that the Russian forces suffered heavy casualties in the resistance of the Ukrainian army.

Some people pose for a photograph in front of the wreckage of a Russian armored vehicle that crashed in the village of Rusaniv in the Kiev region. April 25, 2022

A man is cycling past a military vehicle destroyed by Ukrainian forces after the Russian offensive began. April 25, 2022

A Ukrainian soldier stands next to a damaged Russian tank T-72V in the Donetsk region of the self-proclaimed Republic of Danbus. April 13, 2022

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