Russia imposes sanctions on 26 UK MPs

Russia imposes sanctions on 26 UK MPs

Russia has imposed sanctions on 26 UK MPs for allegedly fueling “Russophobic hysteria”.

The BBC quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying.

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The State Department says sanctions have been imposed on 27 members of the UK Parliament.

This means that 213 Conservative and 64 Labor politicians will not be able to enter Russia.

The allegation against them is that they have fueled the “baseless spread of Russophobic hysteria.”

The ministry said further “retaliatory measures” may be taken. Earlier in March, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on 36 members of Russia’s parliament.

Many of those Russia has banned are no longer members of the House of Commons. Former Attorney General Dominic Greaves (who lost his post in 2019), Rory Stewart (resigned in 2019) and Charlie Elf (jailed in 2020 for sexual harassment).

The list also does not include Chris Bryant, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Bryant told the House of Commons that he was “disappointed” that his name was not on the list and that the Russians must accept that their president was a “barbaric villain.”

The United Kingdom has taken strong action against Russia since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the country is providing arms to Kiev.

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