Russia cuts off gas supplies to Poland-Bulgaria

Russia cuts off gas supplies to Poland-Bulgaria

Russia is about to cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. This decision will be effective from Wednesday. Poland’s state gas company Pidginig confirmed the information.

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According to Pidginig, the Russian gas company Gazprom has informed them that the gas supply will be cut off from 6 o’clock local time. Bulgaria’s energy ministry said it had been informed that gas supplies would be suspended from Wednesday.

Gazprom last month issued new rules for the payment of gas in the Russian currency ruble. But Poland and Bulgaria refused to pay the price of gas in rubles. In view of this, Gazprom has decided to cut off gas supply.

Pidgin was largely dependent on Gazprom for gas. In the first three months of this year, the company imported 53 percent of its gas from Russia.

The Polish Ministry of Climate Change said in a statement that Russia had cut off gas supplies to Russia. In this regard, the Minister of Climate Affairs Anna Moskwa said that there would be no need to use stored gas. Customers do not have to disconnect the gas connection.

According to Pidginig, their underground gas reservoirs are about 80 percent full. At present the demand for gas is also low. Poland, of course, has an alternative gas supply source, including a natural gas field at Sinojosi.

In addition, Bulgaria receives more than 90 percent of its gas supplies from Gazprom. Russia says it has taken steps to find alternative sources of fuel, but that it does not currently have any restrictions on gas use.

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