Russia attacks several train stations in Ukraine

Russia attacks several train stations in Ukraine

Ukraine’s railways say Russia has attacked several train stations in the central and western regions.

Alexander Komishin, head of Ukraine’s state railway company, made the announcement. News from the BBC.

The commission said Russian forces attacked five railway stations in central and western Ukraine on Monday morning.

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One of the stations damaged in the attack is located in Krasnodar, a village east of Lviv.

A missile hit an electrical substation around 8.30am local time (8.30am BST) on Monday, according to Maxim Kozitsky, head of the Lviv region. Emergency management personnel are working on the spot. The fire is still burning. No casualties were reported so far.

He said the anti-aircraft missile unit of the Jakheed Air Force Command had shot down a missile in Lviv.

Kozitsky added that the missiles were fired from the southeast. These were probably fired by Russian troops from strategic aircraft such as the TU-95.

Meanwhile, an air strike warning siren was sounded across Ukraine on Monday morning.

Russia last month attacked a train station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. At least 50 people were killed.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, Russian troops have been launching attacks across the country. However, the western part of Ukraine was relatively safe. But now attacks are being carried out in that area as well.

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