Ronaldo’s 100th goal loss to Arsenal

Ronaldo’s 100th goal loss to Arsenal

Cristiano Ronaldo enters the crucial match against Arsenal with the grief of the death of his newborn child. Show the goal. So that the Portuguese prince has reached the 100th goal milestone in the Premier League again.

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But Ronaldo’s team Manchester United could not leave the field with a victory in such a match. After losing 3-1 to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, their dream of playing in the Champions League next season has turned gray.

Man U fell behind in the third minute of the match while playing for Arsenal. Nuno Tavares scored using a defensive error. Bukayo Saka got the ball in the box.

United goalkeeper David de Gea jumped back when he took the shot. But Nuno, who was standing in front, wrapped it around the net with a light touch.

In the 32nd minute, the referee awarded a penalty to Arsenal after seeing the VAR when the dangerous Alex Tales was dropped by Saka. This time Saka easily defeated the goalkeeper and made the difference 2-0.

However, two minutes later, Ronaldo returned to fight United. CR7 scored the 100th goal of his Premier League career by touching Nemanja Matij’s high cross from the left side.

United played a little tidy football in the second half. Tavares got the ball in the 58th minute and they got a penalty. But Bruno Fernandez squandered that penalty on the post. Ronaldo caught the ball in the net in the 60th minute but it was canceled due to offside.

Man U digested another goal in the 60th minute. This time Granith Zaka scored an incredible goal from about 30 yards away. In the end, Arsenal left the field with a 3-1 victory.

Arsenal are four with 60 points from 19 wins in 33 matches. Ronaldo’s Manchester United with 54 points from 15 wins in 34 matches.

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