Police shot dead two people inside a car in Paris

Police shot dead two people inside a car in Paris

Two were killed and at least one was injured in what became known as the French capital, Paris. The incident took place during the announcement of the results of the French presidential election on Sunday evening. Police claimed that they fired in self-defense when a moving vehicle was approaching them.

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The news agency AFP quoted a police source as saying that the incident took place at the Po Naf bridge in Paris.

The car was heading in the opposite direction on the bridge and was rushing towards the police officers. Police then fired at the car. Two people in the car were killed and a third was injured.

An AFP reporter said police had arrived in the area in central Paris after the incident. The public prosecutor in Paris, Loh Biquieu, arrived at the scene around 1.30pm. Police have launched an investigation into allegations of self-motivated attempts to assassinate government officials.

Yesterday, Emanuel Macho was elected President of France for the second term. Protests erupted in central Paris this evening after the results of the final round of voting were announced. Hours later, police shot dead two people inside a car in central Paris.

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