Pete Carroll silence on Russell Wilson’s firing request spoke volumes

The long and unhappy marriage of Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson on the Seattle Seahawks has finally ended, yet somehow we’re right back in the “He says, she says” part of the divorce.

A year after his earth-shattering move to Denver, the ghost of Russell Wilson still haunts the city of Seattle, with the latest drama concerning a bombshell report about Wilson’s aggressive demands during his time on the Seahawks.

Per The Athletic, Wilson wanted the Seattle Seahawks to fire head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider prior to his trade to the Denver Broncos. Wilson has since refuted this report, claiming that he never wanted Carroll or Schneider fired and will always have “respect and love” for his former team.

What does Carroll have to say about the report? Nothing, apparently.

The Seahawks head coach was asked point-blank for his response to The Athletic’s report and answered the question without really answering the question.

Rather than outright refuting the claims like Wilson did, Carroll replied in a very roundabout way that he stands by his players through good and bad times.

Asked for response to Russ requesting he be fired, Pete Carroll went on spiel about being there for his former guys through good times and bad. He feels that when you do that “it all comes back around” & the relationship maintains, regardless of what’s said/done in the past.

— Dugar, Michael-Shawn (@MikeDugar) February 28, 2023

Which means… he quietly supports what Russ said? Carroll’s statement is vague and likely intentionally so as he doesn’t want to dredge up any more Russell Wilson animosity in Seattle. The past is the past.

Pete Carroll neither confirms nor denies rumors that Russell Wilson wanted him out of Seattle

Silence is an answer in itself, which could suggest The Athletic’s report does have several shreds of truth behind it. Taking into account Russell Wilson’s, er, large personality, it’s easy to imagine him wanting more control of the offense and trying to get his own coach and guard dog in the house.

Now, Sean Payton is hardly living in Wilson’s doghouse — if anything, it’s the opposite. The former long-time New Orleans Saints head coach has always exercised control over his quarterbacks and the offensive scheme, and he’ll be the first to speak up if, say, Wilson chooses the pass the ball at the goal line instead of handing it off to a running back.

It’s worth noting that Seattle general manager John Schneider did directly respond to the report and called it “water under the bridge,” though he also did not deny the allegations.

Based on Wilson’s and Carroll’s comments, there doesn’t seem to be any harbored resentment between the two, and perhaps the water under the bridge is better left undisturbed.

If Wilson really did want Sean Payton as his coach, he got his wish. And if Carroll and Schneider were more fed up with Wilson’s antics than they appeared to be, they got their wish, too. If there’s one good thing to come out of divorce, it’s seeing each side go on to live happier and fuller lives.

Seattle is currently going steady with Geno Smith. Wilson has his man in Payton. It’s too soon to call these “happy” relationships, but at least they’re not totally dysfunctional and no one needs to go to therapy…. yet.

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