Not Laos, targets Indonesia, Afghanistan and Nepal

Not Laos, targets Indonesia, Afghanistan and Nepal

The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) is trying to hold a FIFA friendly match for the national football team before the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers in Malaysia in June. But BFF is having a hard time getting the team.
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BFF worked with Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos to win the friendly match. Cambodia did not match the match with another country before. Laos did not do it suddenly on Tuesday.

BFF general secretary. Abu Naim Sohag told the media on Tuesday, “Since Cambodia and Laos did not, we are now in contact with Indonesia. We have started new contacts with Afghanistan and Nepal.

If Afghanistan plays, the match will be in Bangladesh. Because, they want to come here and play. Abu Naeem Sohag said, “Afghanistan’s Asian Cup qualifier is in India. That’s why they want to come here and play. In a few days, the team will be able to leave for India. I hope I can confirm a team in a day or two. ‘

Noting that the June window does not want to miss anything, the BFF general secretary said, “Four matches can be played in the June window. We have three matches scheduled for the Asian Cup. Another match we play we are trying our best. That’s why we’re working on multiple options. ”

Regarding the start of the national team camp, the general secretary of BFF said, ‘You are going to the league break after playing on 13th May. However, it is not yet clear when the practice will start. The date will be decided at the meeting of the National Teams Committee. Bashundhara Kings will go to India to play AFC Cup. The national team camp will start with the rest.

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