NFL rumors: Aaron Rodgers trade won’t be rushed by Jets

There’s still no Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets yet, but New York reportedly isn’t sweating the wait as they’ll be patient to get the right deal. 

For a while, we were waiting on Aaron Rodgers to emerge from the darkness. Then, we were waiting to hear the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback’s decision he’d come to about his future while in the darkness. Now we’re just waiting on the Aaron Rodgers trade to the New York Jets to happen.

Rodgers went on The Pat McAfee Show this past week and confirmed what we all knew, that he wanted to play for the Jets. But the quarterback said that the Packers were holding things up as they continued to try and negotiated compensation to get in return as part of the looming trade.

In the days since, though, the trade has not yet happened. And everyone is left waiting and wondering what the hold-up is. The Jets, for their part, are reportedly fine with playing this game and being patient in order to get the deal they believe is fair.

NFL rumors: Aaron Rodgers trade not going to be rushed by Jets

ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported on Sunday (h/t Bleacher Report) regarding the almost inevitable Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets, noting again that the Packers appear to be trying to smoke out more draft picks and compensation in return for the quarterback. Most importantly, though, this is what Fowler reported for the Jets’ part of the equation.

“Meanwhile, I’m hearing the Jets are confident they can remain a little patient here and this will all sort out,” Fowler said. “There’s not another team involved that I’ve found, and so it’s just a bit of a stare-off.”

With no other bidders on the table, the Jets still have some leverage in this ordeal. They don’t have to make a trade they’re unhappy with just to get it done. Yes, it’s Rodgers-or-bust at quarterback — but the Packers have a quarterback on a monster contract that doesn’t want to be there and, by their own admission, who they’re ready to move on from. The longer the Jets make them wait in this so-called “stare-off”, the more likely they are to get the deal they want and not the other way around.

So while Green Bay might be looking for first-rounders, more picks or whatever else, the fact of the matter is that the Jets are in a great spot to just wait them out.

An Aaron Rodgers trade is going to happen. But as has been the case since the start of this saga, it’s going to keep getting dragged out by everyone involved. That, however, is definitely in the best interests of the Jets and, by proxy, their likely new quarterback in Rodgers.

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