Neymar’s response to both supporters

Neymar’s response to both supporters

PSL went down to play against Lance in the French league ‘A’ with the calculation that the title is guaranteed if they don’t lose. When the calculation is simple, what is the need to suffer too much – Neymar, Lionel Messi may have come on the field thinking that!

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But why would the fans accept that, when the match ended in a goalless draw at the end of the first half, a part of the supporters started giving the duo to the players. In particular, Brazilian forward Neymar was the target of both PSG supporters.

Earlier, a part of PSG supporters gave Neymar duo. Neymar, Messi and Ramos have been heard at home after losing in the Champions League against Real Madrid. But Neymar felt it was too much to listen to both of his supporters at home yesterday. He could not help but answer. “I’ve been here for three more years,” Neymar said at the end of the match.

The excitement of the PSG supporters at the Park de Princes suddenly stopped! Ramos-Mbappe’s face also went dark for a moment. But after overcoming that temporary frustration, PSG rejoiced after the last flute market. The Parisian team has secured its tenth title in the French league with a 1-1 draw with Lance.

Despite the joy of winning the title, Neymar did not forget about the two supporters. He spoke at the end of the match. “My contract with PSG is still valid,” the Brazilian star said. I’ve been here three more years. So stop giving duo, or you’ll be out of breath. ‘ Earlier, Neymar posted a picture of his family on social media in response to a couple of supporters.

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