Netizens React to Twitter’s Latest ‘Customized’ Like Button

Netizens React to Twitter’s Latest ‘Customized’ Like Button

Even though the hashtag is spreading like wildfire on the Twitter space, most of the users are clueless about the reason this ‘feature’ was rolled out by the micro-blogging site.

If you tap on the like button on a tweet this hashtag, it burst into multiple revolving colours before turning red.

‘Twitter is News, News is Twitter.’ This statement is more relevant than ever in today’s day and age. It is seldom these days that any news report doesn’t have a Twitter reference, and it is also seldom, albeit not as much as the former, that Twitter becomes news due to one reason or another.

Today, Twitter has become news again as Twitteratis discovered a new gimmick that is intriguing and innovative. If you go to the trending section on the application, you will find ‘#81921CB23227,’ trending on number two. It is because if people tweet anything with the mentioned hashtag, the like button magically turns dynamic.

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