Mother and daughter are learning to wield weapons together in the city of Ukraine

Mother and daughter are learning to wield weapons together in the city of Ukraine

After nearly two months of attacks, several Ukrainian cities were able to take control, but in many places, Russian forces faced stiff resistance. Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian civilians have been seen carrying weapons.

Women in many areas are also learning to wield weapons. Ivano Frankivsk is one such city in western Ukraine. Where mother and daughter are learning together how to fire a Kalashnikov rifle.

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Several mothers and daughters are receiving weapons training at a school in Ivano-Frankivsk. 10 in number. The women trained in the long and narrow basement of the school are between 18 and 51 years of age. They are being trained by Sherhi Korneliyevich Hamchuk. Hamchuk is a former colonel in the Ukrainian army. “Considering what is happening around Kiev, I think everyone should take up arms and defend our country,” he said. He teaches women who come for training how to shoot rifle magazines. One bullet after another has to be taken to the designated place with the help of thumb.

The school named Litse 20 is the largest school in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. About 1,200 students between the ages of 6 and 18 used to study there. After the start of the war, the school, like many other schools in Ukraine, was closed. There he started training to wield weapons.

Late last month, the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, one of the largest cities in western Ukraine, announced that five schools used by the city’s Ukrainian equivalent Combined Cadet Force for shooting range students would be reopened. These schools will teach civilians how to wield weapons. Although it is open for training of all, initially training of women will be given in these training centers.

Mayor Ruslan Martinsinkiv said there is more room for training for men. But women will be specially trained in these places. Women need to be prepared to protect themselves and their families.

On March 31, for the first time, women were trained to wield weapons in 20 schools in Lithuania. Then in the first week 3,600 women enrolled for training. Who were accompanied by 600 civilian men. Nominated for a few thousand more trainings the following week. So far, more than 6,300 women are on the waiting list to learn how to wield weapons. One of them is 51-year-old Natalia Anoshina. Learn to wield a weapon, he never considered it. But his 16-year-old daughter enlisted them after hearing about the atrocities in Bucharest, Ukraine. Natalia agrees to her daughter’s advice. “It’s like a nightmare, terrible,” he said. I’ve had a hard time accepting what I’ve heard about Butcher’s atrocities. ”

Dressed in a gray hoodie, jeans and purple shoes, Natalia sees her daughter Ania lying on her elbows at the shooting range. He has a rifle strapped to his shoulder and is training to shoot. Natalia says, ‘It helps you see everything from a different perspective. These are the things that lead you to some unexpected decisions. Now anything like this shooting course can help you. ‘

Weapons training is provided every day of the week at 20 schools in Litz and four other schools in the city. These trainings are divided into two parts মূল the main subject of a Kalashnikov rifle and the practice of aiming at a shooting range with an air rifle. Of course, not everyone is given a weapon in training. Hamchuk said the key to the training was to teach how to use weapons; So that they are ready to use it in time.

“There is no war in Ivano-Frankivs at the moment,” Hamchuk said. But when the war starts, a different situation will be created here. We have seen what happened in Bucha and Irpin. Women need to be prepared. In the current situation, this is work, preparation for war.
The women hang out with each other as they learn to shoot at cups in their chairs. Discusses various issues. They get depressed when they talk about war. Galina, a saleswoman in Ivano-Frankivsk.

After hearing the announcement of the training, put your name on the list. He thinks that knowing how to wield a weapon is a necessary skill during war. Butcher’s events are painful. The decision to take up arms training is correct.

“You have to have these skills to protect yourself in the future,” said Galina. One of my sons and my husband are in the army. But in an emergency I need this training for myself. Better not to use weapons. But at least I will learn how to use it. What else can we do? It’s part of life now.

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