Messi is not going anywhere leaving PSG

Messi is not going anywhere leaving PSG

Before the World Cup qualifier against Venezuela, Lionel Messi said, “I will rethink a lot after the World Cup in Qatar.” His comments have been discussed a lot. Some say Messi can retire. Like anyone else, he can change clubs.

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Rumors of a change of club, especially after hearing a couple of home spectators for the new club Paris Saint-Germain, did not go unnoticed. However, the latest news is that Messi is not leaving PSG. That is what the Argentine football based media TYC Sports reports.

Messi is set to leave PSG and return to his former club Barcelona before the end of his contract – all possibilities were put to rest before the sting of such latent buzz grew. Messi wants to end his contract with the French club.

Messi left Barcelona in August 2021 and signed for PSG. At that time it was written in the contract that he would play for PSG for two years. Besides, the agreement can be extended for another year on the basis of mutual agreement.

In the meantime, the Argentine superstar has almost finished the first season. He also won the first title for PSG. Messi scored a spectacular goal from outside the D-box in the match to secure the title. In all, he has scored 9 goals for PSG so far.

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