Meghan Markle Claims ‘Stress’ Is the Cause of Her Recent Weight Loss: ‘Changes the Subject’

Meghan Markle has always been trim, but these days the Duchess of Sussex has been looking rail thin. Now sources exclusively tell In Touch the 42-year-old has been secretly vying with her royal rival Princess Kate in a race to out-skinny her! “A lot of people think it’s part of her twisted competition with Kate, who’s also emaciated,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch. (The pair have had their spats in the past: In 2018, they faced off over flower girl dresses before Meghan’s wedding. Kate snapped at Meghan for alluding to her post-pregnancy “baby brain.” And all that was before Meghan and Prince Harry’s campaign against the royal family.)

Things have gotten so dire that Meghan’s husband, Prince Harry, 39, is begging the mom of two to think of her health and eat more. “But anytime it’s brought up, she blames her weight loss on stress and changes the subject,” says the insider. “When Harry invites her to eat, she’ll have some sort of health tea, and that’s it.”

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