‘ManU needs open heart surgery to turn around’

‘ManU needs open heart surgery to turn around’

Ralph Rangnik, the team’s acting coach, said that open heart surgery was needed to turn Manchester United around, not a small change. He thinks that success is not possible without radical change in the team.

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The time is not going well at all for English club ManU. In the meantime, the club has appointed a new head coach for the mission. Ronaldo-Fernandez will be replaced by Netherlands coach Eric Ten Hughes in the new season. More than the work environment for the coach, Rangnik said, if given the right opportunity, Eric will be able to play a big role in the achievement of the team. Rangnik will serve as a consultant after Eric Ten Hug takes over. However, interim coach Rangnik said on Friday (April 22nd) that Ten Hughes would not take over if he did not want to.

Ralph Rangnik says you don’t have to wear glasses to see where ManU’s problem lies. The question is, how do you do that? A few small changes are not enough here. In the language of medical science, the club has to be revived by open heart surgery. I believe, not 2-3 years; It is possible to improve the situation within 1 year. With all due respect to Pep Guardiola and Jর্গrgen Klopp, Man City and Liverpool do all the work but they are not alone. Rather, the best people everywhere are working together. The coaching staff has to work very closely with the players to build all over again, and through that the confidence has to be gained.

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