KGF 3 will come in a bigger size

KGF 3 will come in a bigger size

Tensions are still high in India over the ‘KGF 2’ movie. ‘Rocky Brother’ (Yash) is still playing in all the theaters. ‘KGF2’ is flying in front of the storm, one superhit film after another. Even Vaijaan (Salman Khan) ‘Bajrangi Vaijaan’ has given up on this picture of Rocky Bhai. The rents of the producers are overflowing from this Pan India film. And in the middle of it, the hero of the movie Yash revealed about ‘KGF Three’.
Before the release of ‘KGF 2’, Yash had said that they were going to come in a much bigger size. In an interview, he said, “Viewers are going to see a lot more insanity, new styles and madness in love in” KGF 2 “. Visitors are about to witness an emotional journey. This picture will give your eyes, ears and mind a strange peace.

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“KGF 2” is going to be a film that will captivate the viewers from all sides. I am sure that the viewer will forget all the worries of the real world and live in the world of “KGF”. ‘ This time, Yash said about ‘KGF Three’, ‘There are several aspects of Rocky’s life associated with this film, which will be seen in its third chapter. I and Prashant Neel (director) are thinking a lot about the third chapter. There are many things that I could not show in Chapter Two, I will create them in Chapter Three.

The Pan India superstar further said that Prashant Neel initially thought he would tell the whole story in one episode. But during the shooting, he thought of splitting the film into two parts. In fact, Prashant felt that he had to compromise with certain scenes while showing the film in one episode. And so the emotional side of the picture was getting weaker then. That is why Prashant divided the film into two parts. And now it seems that the third part of it must come.

The KGF II continues to dominate the world. The film has grossed Rs 928 crore internationally. According to trade analysts, the picture of fame will soon cross the billions. ‘Dangal’ has done business worth Rs 2,060 crore, ‘Bahubali 2’ has done business worth Rs 1,610 crore and ‘RRR’ has done business worth over Rs 1,100 crore. So now KGF 2 is the fourth largest Indian film in the world. However, the speed with which the film is running, can quickly turn all the reckoning. Yash’s picture has done great business in Hindi version. In just 13 days of its release, the Pan India film has grossed over Rs 329 crore in Hindi. And this sequel of ‘KGF’ has earned more than Tk 60.50 crore across the country.

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