John Harbaugh cheesing through the Lamar Jackson pain at NFL meetings

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is smiling through the pain of losing Lamar Jackson in the middle of the NFL meetings.

Nobody is having a day in the NFL quite like Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is.

At precisely the exact same time as he sat down with the media during the league meetings, Lamar Jackson broke up with Baltimore over Twitter. Harbaugh is a Super Bowl-winning head coach and a consummate professional, but the Ravens coach is down bad on Monday. Give the man some props for actually showing up and smiling during the NFL head coaches’ photo op.

29 NFL head coaches smiled pretty for the camera. Mike Vrabel was probably too busy carrying all of Ohio, while Frank Reich was probably consoling Nick Sirianni who remains in utter shambles after the Super Bowl 57 loss to Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs. He became a freaking meme, man.

Just look at how happy Big Red is in his patented Hawaiian shirt, while Harbaugh keeps on smiling.

Baltimore Ravens: Someone get John Harbaugh a crab cake and a Natty Boh stat!

Harbaugh is one of the longest-tenured head coaches in the league. He took over for Brian Billick in 2008 and won a league championship only a few years later over his little brother’s team. Baltimore is widely considered to be one of the NFL’s most well-run franchises, but the Ravens do tend to be control freaks. Not everyone is perfect; it is just who they are, with or without Jackson…

So while Vrabel was getting another Horseshoe lift in, Reich was forgetting how to show up to things because the Colts did a number on him and Sirianni was unable to hold by the constantly cascading flow of tears from his never-dry eyeballs, Harbaugh put his big boy pants on and cheesed like that David Gilmour-looking guy from the internet to the Echoes from over Pompeii.

To be fair, I would have probably shown up to the photo op looking like Rogers Waters with a beard and far less greasy hair. Everybody would look at me like I was stupid, except for Mike McDaniel, who would sort of get it. Too bad Arthur Smith, Dan Campbell and Sean McDermott would have picked me up and given me a swirly because I am too large to be stuffed into a high school locker.

Here is to Harbaugh finding a way to get comfortably numb throughout this awkward situation.

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