Jimmy Kimmel Skewers ‘Pan-dimwits’ Taking Horse Dewormer

Jimmy Kimmel Skewers ‘Pan-dimwits’ Taking Horse Dewormer

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Jimmy Kimmel returned to his show on Tuesday after taking the summer off.

“I leave you people alone for two months, you start taking horse worm medicine?” the host said.

Kimmel offered a name for people who have taken the medicine, ivermectin, as a supposed cure for Covid-19: “pan-dimwits.” There is no evidence that the drug is effective against Covid, and the health authorities have warned that it could pose a serious danger to humans.

“That’s why I always buy the extra-long 10-foot charge cord, always. I know it’s a little bit more, but you’re happy you paid that money when you’re like, ‘Got it!’”— JAMES CORDEN

“When reached for a comment, the man said he didn’t swallow it — it was just the worst butt dial ever.” — JIMMY FALLON

Amber Ruffin challenged Texas on its new abortion ban and made the case for a federally funded pedicure on Tuesday’s “Late Night.”

Holland Taylor (“The Chair”) will sit down with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday’s “Late Show.”

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