Jimmy Fallon Thinks Hiring an Ex-Con Is the Right Move for Trump

Jimmy Fallon Thinks Hiring an Ex-Con Is the Right Move for Trump

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Donald Trump is said to be considering a new hire: Paul Manafort, one of his former campaign advisers, who went to prison for tax and bank fraud (and was pardoned by Trump in 2020). News outlets reported that he was in talks about helping with the Republican National Convention.

On Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon said Trump’s team was hoping that “hiring someone who has been convicted of fraud will make Trump seem less fraudy by comparison.”

“This week in the United States, there have been more Google searches for Kate Middleton than for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. We finally did it — we made America Kate again.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“You could tell it’s the first day of spring ’cause, according to the royal family, Kate Middleton just came out of hibernation.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Kate has not been seen in public since she had surgery back in January, which of course led to all sorts of rumors about her whereabouts and well-being. Everyone’s putting together clues to find the princess — it’s like an international game of ‘Zelda’ is happening right now.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Maybe she got a bad perm and is waiting for her hair to grow out, you know?” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“This shows you how different it is in the U.K. Kate goes missing for a few weeks, the whole country goes berserk. Meanwhile, we haven’t seen Melania since 2021.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

The hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre was joined by Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Eminem for his first late-night appearance in 30 years on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Kristen Wiig will appear on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.”

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