In Beijing, all residents of Corona began testing again

In Beijing, all residents of Corona began testing again

Residents in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have resumed coronavirus testing as the number of coronavirus detections has skyrocketed. News from the BBC.
At the end of last week, 26 corona were identified in the Chaoyang area of ​​Beijing. The latest corona outbreak in Beijing has been the most identified in the area.

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The BBC reports that despite government assurances of adequate food supplies, long queues have been seen outside Beijing’s supermarkets and shops.
Corona, meanwhile, has been identified as a city of 2.5 million people in Shanghai, amid fears of a few weeks of lockdown restrictions.

A three-step corona test will be conducted in Chaoyang, Beijing’s largest area with a population of 3.5 million, according to a statement from the city’s disease prevention department.

Hearing this news, the residents started rushing to stock their daily necessities. In the picture published in the local media, the shelves of the supermarket are seen lying empty.

Due to the sudden increase in demand, Beijing’s supermarkets are trying to meet the demand of the buyers by announcing to increase the opening hours.

After waiting in a long queue, one of them was able to buy some vegetables. The Shanghai-based Weibo user wrote, ‘I never imagined I would go to the market so early in the morning. When I went there, I saw that all the eggs and shrimp had disappeared. Besides, they have bought all kinds of meat like that. ‘

Another Weibo user in Shanghai wrote, “It’s ridiculous and tiring to see people in Beijing rushing to buy food like this.”

Companies in Beijing have been instructed to increase supplies of daily commodities such as meat, vegetables and eggs, according to China’s state-run daily Global Times.


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