He is now the oldest person in the world

He is now the oldest person in the world

A few days ago, Tanaka died in Japan at the age of 119. He turned 119 on January 2 this year. He was the oldest man in the world until his death. But after his death, this time the name of one of the oldest people in France has come up. Sister Andre is now the oldest person in the world.

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How to survive so many years? Such questions come to mind when we see older people. Andre said that the secret of their longevity is a glass of wine and chocolate every day.

At present, Andre is 116 years and 63 days old. Last Monday, he was named the oldest person in the Guinness Book of World Records.

However, at the age of 116, she was named the oldest woman in Europe. And after the death of Kane Tanaka, the title of the oldest person in the world is now in his possession.

Andre was born on February 11, 1904, in Randon, Lucille. When he was a little older, he started caring for children. In 1944, during the Second World War, he enlisted as a nun.
Andre survived World War I, the Spanish flu of 1971. He is even the oldest person in the world to survive the Corona epidemic in 2021.

Sister Andre has been living in a nursing home in Toulon for the past 12 years. He has been in captivity in his own home since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic last year.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis and French President Emmanuel Macron wrote a letter welcoming him as he was named the oldest person. Toulon Mayor Hubert Falco said of Sister Andre, he is a man to be proud of and a unique example to the world.

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