Germany is supplying anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine in violation of the policy

Germany is supplying anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine in violation of the policy

According to the BBC, Berlin made the decision following a meeting between the United States and its allies at a German air base on providing more arms to Ukraine.

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Germany has long pursued a policy of not sending heavy weapons to conflict zones. But recently pressure has mounted on the German government to provide more assistance to Ukraine.

Ukraine is increasingly appealing to its international allies for more heavy weapons and ammunition to counter Russia’s aggression.

Although several countries, including the United States, have responded to the call for more assistance to Ukraine’s military, Germany has so far not hesitated.

Later, in the face of strong criticism at home and abroad, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s government promised a quick decision on providing heavy weapons to Ukraine.

The German defense minister said in a statement on Tuesday that “we will look into all possible ways to further support Ukraine in its courageous and important fight for independence and peace.”

Speaking at a high-level defense meeting of representatives of 40 countries at the airport in southwestern Germany, the German defense minister announced that Ukraine would be provided with anti-aircraft weapons as well as other measures.

It also includes measures to train Ukrainian troops on German soil.

In the German media, the government’s initiative is being called a ‘U-turn’.┬áThat being said, Germany has tried to avoid harsh criticism from the governments of the United States, Europe and especially Ukraine.


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