Gazprom’s decision ‘serious breach of agreement’: Bulgarian PM

Gazprom’s decision ‘serious breach of agreement’: Bulgarian PM

Russia’s energy company Gazprom has accused both countries of “blackmailing” Moscow after it cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.

The British media reported on the BBC.

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Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov reacted angrily to the incident.

Petkov described Gazprom’s move to cut off gas supplies as a “grave breach of the current agreement.”

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov

He wrote in a tweet that he was discussing the situation with the Greek Prime Minister. The country shares a border with Bulgaria.

“Bulgaria and Greece will continue to work together on energy security and diversity,” he added.

He said it was “strategically important for the two countries and the region”.

Why did Russia target Bulgaria and Poland?

Russia has not yet commented directly on why it has targeted Bulgaria and Poland.

However, the two countries have reportedly refused to pay Russia the price of gas in rubles. Apart from these two countries, many other European countries have not agreed to pay the price of ruble gas. Only Hungary has agreed to pay for the ruble gas.

Poland has a long border with Ukraine. In addition, the country has been providing military and financial assistance to Kiev since the beginning of the war. In addition, the country has imposed sanctions on 50 Russian millionaires and companies; The list also includes Gazprom.

Bulgaria, on the other hand, was once a close ally of Moscow. However, the country has condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and voted in favor of EU sanctions against Moscow. Although Bulgaria has been reluctant to provide military assistance to Ukraine, it has provided humanitarian assistance to Kiev during the war.

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